After-Hours Crisis Counseling

The After-Hours Crisis Counseling (AHCC) program provides live, telephonic counseling to residents, members and employees of partnering organizations and municipalities. Professionally trained counselors provide immediate support for individuals who are experiencing mental health emergencies after the close of business.

  • Dedicated crisis telephone line
  • Live, deescalation of the crisis
  • Assistance in developing a plan to resolve the immediate distress
  • Referral to post-call support for counseling

One of the key goals of the AHCC program is to assist callers in resolving a crisis without the unnecessary use of emergency department intervention and possible unnecessary inpatient treatment with its related disruption to callers’ lives and significant expense. The service is also designed to identify those situations in which emergency department intervention is needed and to assist the caller in accessing those services.

The service also provides support in helping the caller develop a plan to follow up with their mental health provider for the development of a long term solution whether that provider is Capital Counseling or not. If the caller does not have a mental health provider, the program assists them by recommending appropriate providers.

Organization or agencies interested in after-hours call center crisis services, may contact Phil Rainer, Chief Clinical Officer at (518) 462-6531 Ext 106.