Capital Counseling began its journey in 1813 as the Albany Religious Tract Society. It operated for its first 80 years under various names as a publisher of religious literary works in support of its missionary and evangelical efforts, and in its efforts to provide social assistance to the impoverished and needy of the early 1800’s.

  • 1813 Founded as Albany Religious Tract Society
  • 1824 New York State Tract Society
  • 1835 Albany City Tract Society
  • 1856 Albany City Tract and Missionary Society
  • 1902 The organization incorporates as the Albany City Mission, where it worked in cooperation with other social services organization of the time to provide assistance through charitable means.
  • 1930 Albany Protestant Welfare Society, Inc.
  • 1935 Protestant Family Welfare, Inc.
  • 1952 Protestant Family and Children’s Service, Inc.
  • 1955 Family and Children’s Service of Albany, Inc.
  • 1973 The organization launches the Capital Employee Assistance Program (Capital EAP). Capital EAP now covers employer-sponsored counseling for over 140,000 individuals across the Capital Region.
  • 1996 The organization is awarded a contract from New York State to fund the Center for Problem Gambling, now the state’s most successful gambling treatment center.
  • 2002 Family and Children Service of the Capital Region, Inc.
  • 2013 DBA: Capital Counseling

Today, at 200 years old, Capital Counseling is recognized as one of the longest continuously-operating not-for-profit organizations in the United States. We continue our tradition of providing for the social good, helping those in need, and improving the quality of life for the Capital Region community.